The Mysterious Good News

Pastor Bob just heard from the cardiologist. His heart is fine; he does not need a catheterization. The doctor asked him to follow up with his primary care doctor. He also asked Pastor Bob to continue to monitor his body. He advised him that if the symptoms continue he should see an internist–“someone who doesn’t wear cardiologist blinders.” That phrase indicates to Pastor Bob that whatever he experienced this week did not involve his heart. Hooray! The question remains — what was it?

Thank you for your prayers.



God’s Definitely Got Pastor Bob’s Back

Pastor Bob reported to the Alaska Heart Institute today to participate in a stress test. He was originally told by the surgeon that the stress test would done on Thursday. Then, if needed, the heart catheterization would be done on Friday afternoon.

When Pastor Bob checked in for the stress test, he was told by the technician that the stress test was a two-parter. The first part was taking images while the heart was under stress; the second part was taking images while the heart was at rest. The tech said part one would be done today. Then, Pastor Bob would have to come back in a week or two to take the second part. Imagine the frustration Pastor Bob experienced upon hearing those words. The temptation was to puff up and ask to speak to a supervisor. Instead, Pastor Bob calmly told the tech that he lived in Fairbanks and coming back in a couple of weeks was not going to be possible. The tech left the room and came back a few minutes later saying that his co-worker had agreed to come in on Friday (her normal day off) and conduct part two of the test.

So, Pastor Bob will go in tomorrow morning for the second part of the test. Then, the surgeon will read the results (hopefully early Friday afternoon) and make the decision of whether or not a heart catheterization is needed.

Please continue to pray for God to grant wisdom and discernment to the surgeon. Please pray a prayer of thanksgiving for God's grace and blessing in working out the scheduling issue. And, finally, please pray a blessing on the two technicians who worked the agreement to get Pastor Bob processed within two days instead of two weeks.

God is very good. All the time.

Pastor Bob Needs Prayer

Pastor Bob has been experiencing chest pains whenever he exerts himself. He went to the emergency room on Tuesday of this week. There was no evidence of a heart attack. However, the cardiologist wants Pastor Bob to undergo a series of tests. This afternoon, he will take a stress test. Depending on the results of the test, he may have to have a heart catheterization done on Friday. The doctor suspects that there is at least one artery in the heart that is 70%-80% blocked. We will know more definitively after all of the tests are complete. Pastor Bob and Reneé both appreciate your prayers and concerns.